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  • 产品名称:Rodent Microdialysis Surgical Kit

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  • 产品厂商:Surgical
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This is an ideal starting point for microdialysis studies on rodents.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
72-8994 Rodent Microdialysis Surgical Kit

This is an ideal starter kit for microdialysis studies on rodents.

Kit includes:

  • Scalpel Blades No. 10, Sterile, pkg. of 100 
  • Scalpel Handle, No. 3 
  • Eye Scissors, 10.5 cm, Straight 
  • Dieffenbach Vessel Clips, 35 mm, Straight, pkg. of 2 
  • Operating Scissors, 14.5 cm, Sharp/Blunt, Straight 
  • Vannas Eye Scissors, Spring Action Model Tübingen, 8.5 cm, Straight 
  • Graefe Iris Forceps, Serrated, 10.0 cm, Curved, Points, 0.7 mm 
  • TC Derf Needle Holders withTungsten Carbide Inserts, 12.0 cm, Extra Delicate Jaw 
  • Trephine Drill Bits, pkg. of 2
  • Anchor Screw Drill Bits, pkg. of 3 
  • Anchor Screws, pkg. of 100
Specifications 72-8994
Material Premium German Stainless Steel
Quality Research Grade



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