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  • 产品名称:lab standard stereotaxic instrument

  • 产品型号:51600
  • 产品厂商:Stereotax
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The Classiclab standard stereotaxic instrument has been a standard in research labs for nearly five decades. The time-proven 'U'-Frame design provides stability and adaptability while the instrument's exclusive, triple-lead screws allow for smooth, consistent movements with rapid positioning. The Classic Lab Standard™ includes a 100 micron 3-axes, left-hand manipulator arm, rat adaptor, traditio

lab standard stereotaxic instrument Classic and Proven U-Frame Design for small animals


  • Large, easy to read vernier scales Scales are laser engraved — accurate to 100 microns
  • Triple lead screws for fast positioning 80 mm of vertical, lateral and anterior-posterior travel
  • Absolute lock at 90 degrees (vertical)
  • Brass bushings in manipulator arm permit electrical grounding
  • Accessories available for use with a wide variety of small animals
  • Adaptors available for use with mice, neonatal rats, birds and other species
  • Gas anesthesia compatible
  • Easily cleaned durable surface
  • Warmer ready base compatible with Stoelting Rodent Warmer System

Versatile Positioning
The manipulator arm controls medial-lateral and ventral-dorsal using exclusive triple lead screws for faster positioning, and anterior-posterior movement via dovetail slide movement, with 80mm of travel possible in each direction. A universal joint allows the researcher to change the angle of the probe up to 90° in either the anterior-posterior or mediallateral planes. The improved locking mechanism on the Lab Standard™ will hold any angle position without slipping. And of course, it also provides an absolute lock at 90° vertical.

Easily-Read Scales
All scales are oriented to be easily read from the open end of the ‘U’ — the position from which most scientists prefer to work.

The scale numerals are large, and easy to read. The scale lines are laser engraved, to allow the finest possible permanent marking of scales on all 3 axes. Precise alignment with facing vernier scales gives accurate resolution to 100 microns.

Smooth, Consistent Movements
The Lab Standard’s™ exclusive, triple-lead screws allow smooth consistent movements with the fastest positioning possible.

Included Components

Both 51600 and 51603 include the U-frame Base, Manipulator Arm(s) 51631 Standard Probe Holder(s) with corner clamp and 51621 Rat Adaptor (Nose Clamp Assembly and 18° Taper Ear Bars).

The 51650 and 51653 include Non-Puncture 45° Taper Ear Bars instead of 18° Taper Ear Bars (not shown).

Warmer ready base
Stoelting Stereotaxic Base Plates are designed to be integrated with the Stoelting Rodent Warmer System (sold separately) and are used to maintain body temperature throughout surgical procedures.  Thermal heating pads are embedded into Stoelting stereotaxic base plates to avoid cross contamination with easy clean-up and maintain a sterile environment during stereotaxic surgery. In addition, it can be used as a general warming system or with a rectal thermal probe (sold separately) for homeothermic regulation.



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